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About us is the latest offering from the founder of – an online Laser Engraving service offering high end laser cutting, engraving and embossing for consumers and corporate’s throughout the UK and beyond. Due to growing demand from Krintech clients, our new site takes it one step further by offering beautiful accessories, unique gifts and homeware that can be personalised according to the clients request, making the buying process even easier! offers a ‘personalised service’ of uniquely sourced hand selected items from all over the world as well as classic top end brands. Our high end, high speed laser cutting and laser engraving services use ‘state of the art’ technology, producing superb results on most materials from wood, veneers, plastic, glass, crystal, leather, foam, fabrics, stone, ceramics and metal.

We offer a very unique leather embossing and engraving service that isn’t available anywhere else. using a very old technique of branding leather (research this

Our site is geared up to allow the best shopping experience, with a ‘Preview’ function taking out the hassle of ordering engraved items online. Just choose your item, size and colour. Next, choose whether you would like it engraved or embossed. Type in what you want your message to be. And lastly, take a preview and if you like it – voila, you’re own personalised item ready to be delivered.

Select it, personalise it, preview it, purchase it!

We stock the most in demand items and customer favourites at affordable and competitive prices. Working closely with talented artisans around the world to bring high end, unusual pieces, all ready to be personalised by our discerning clients looking for quality products. also offers a Delivery Express service to get your items even faster!

We cater for both individual and corporate clients to offer the best shopping experience.

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