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Metal Personalised Gifts

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We offer a Metal personalised engraving and marking service and can engrave onto most metal surfaces, the following are the methods used in which we mark and cut metal. Our Metal engraving service allows us to work with the following metals: Aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, gold, nickel, tin, mild steel, silver, anodized coated metals and most plated metals like chrome and gold.

We also use this Umarq machine for engraving small glass items such as ink bottles, spectacles and most popular for engraving perfume bottles. This diamond engraver is incredible at achieving micro-markings onto small chrome watch buckles and metal rivets and buttons. 

Don’t forget all our products purchased from this site can be engraved with a any name, brand, crest, logo or message (in most cases). Or if you have something of your own that you’d like engraved instead? Then Krintech, our engraving arm is the place to go.  Simply give us a call or email with your request and you’ll be advised as to best approach for your item. Whether it’s a leather of glass gift, an iPad / tablet device, or metal bracelet, we’ll have the answer.

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