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Leather Personalised Gifts

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Our leather engraving service is popular for customers wanting to personalise gifts that can’t be embossed. Our Xenetech high speed laser is the best of its class, enabling us to laser engrave most types of leather items quickly and with complete accuracy. The thicker the leather the deeper we can go to give you the highest level of detail.  As the process requires laser technology, the laser beam will burn and brand the leather permanently leaving a natural burnt effect. The lighter the colour of the leather, the darker the material will leave a more subtle engraved appearance which is very popular. There are no options of any colours with this technique as the process is a burnt effect only.

The benefit of laser engraving leather as opposed to debossing or embossing is that laser has the capability of engraving on to round and curved shapes and is able to reach areas that the embossing machine cannot get to.  We also laser cut leather mainly on one off projects and for bulk orders we can offer a die cutting service.

Or if you have something of your own that you’d like engraved instead? Then Krintech, our engraving arm is the place to go.  Simply give us a call or email with your request and you’ll be advised as to best approach for your item. Whether it’s a leather of glass gift, leather restaurant menus, or metal bracelet, we’ll have the answer.

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